hello everyone I'm exotic gaming and welcome back to another random game commentary as you guys can see today's random game. Commentary is on a game called paper dot IO now paper dot IO is one of the most popular mobile games currently out there and I see tons and tons of people playing this game whether it. Be at school on YouTube otherwise. And despite all of this being said I've never really gotten around to getting this game and I decided it's probably a good idea to at least get this game and, I got it yesterday after I put out a pull on Twitter asking you guys which game. You wanted to see the most and this was the one that got the most amount of code. So yes it seems like you guys want me to do a video on paper dial and that's perfectly understandable since it is a game but it seems, like a lot of people like so with that being said guys I, guess what we need to do is jump right into this if you guys are excited make sure to leave a like down below and, make sure to leave a like for more random game commentaries in the near future because I want to try to post. Them a little bit more frequently than what I've been doing, right now so yeah let's begin let's start by killing our all nevermind false alarm is this guy going to kill me nope no, he's not all right there we go guys we spawned in. In a relatively ok area there seems to be a lot of bigger guys right here but since I am in the quarter I was about to say since I am in the, corner I would have actually been able to get a decent math before I would have, ended up dying Oh wonderful that's that you know what I'm going to stop everything right now I'm gonna play. That game episode seriously best game on the app store. Right now I swear I have never seen a game better than that aside from mobile strikes best game kind of 11 out of 10 that's complete sarcasm in case you guys couldn't tell there's, actually kid at my school that legitimately likes mobile strike, and I'm like are you freaking kidding me do you not know what, a good game is and it's just I don't even know this game is like literally five hundred times better than mobile stress oh no, oh no this guy is not going to take my mess it's freaking red guy you think you're doing dude oh no oh no let's go kill. This guy there we go he was literally one block away from himself that really sucks i'm sorry guy whatever the heck, your name is well get really over there twenty-six percent or, something ridiculous like that that way yo on Ondine I'm done I'm not good yet I'm, not dead yet I thought I was going to die I don't know how I lived this long i'm at two and a. Half percent this is really bad but i'm actually kind of happy wow that guy who was number one just died very unfortunate sorry buddy but it's okay, you know sometimes it's like survival of the fittest right now and there we go we just destroyed another person can we keep this up. And we. At least get over five percent there we go hey we got the super bonus unlock let's freaking go heck yeah but can, we keep this up and we keep it up I don't really know that we are going to try guys and I hope you guys are excited for what lies ahead throughout the remainder of this. Video I don't really know I'm hoping you guys. Are liking the face cam by the way I thought this was a pretty good game to, do a face cam on and yeah hopefully you guys are really freaking excited there's this guy right here trying to fix me up but I'm not going to let them, do such a thing death is absolutely outrageous I cannot believe it I'm almost at eight percent right now oh no oh no, yeah buddy what are you going to do man trying.

To take me out I don't let you take none of my man just kidding I'm actually gonna take oh no oh no let's go to shore this guy oh. Yes fantastic no freaking side God's saying it's okay well eight and a half percent isn't that bad i. Mean at least i got someone decent to the score can you not why does the x button up. No no no stop let me just click skip video oh my god i don't, care lords mobile that's the least who are my least favorite game right now in the world okay i would play any other game, completely screwed up right there I tried swiping on my, screen but my stream was just like no I'm not going to let you do that exotic gaming that's ridiculous no no no no it's a. Touch the touch this did not work anymore that's that's actually kind of sad all right here we go I'm going to try to get some massive amount,. Of maps before I even can I actually do this can I get this entire thing outside totally I just propelled myself a pretty good way. Up there I'm happy with that I'll take that any day but this is the perfect spot to be when you're playing this game guys right in the corner because you. Don't have to really. Worry about anybody nope nope bike okay okay alright nevermind that guy might actually want to take me out whoa. Let's go okay here we go guys we can do this let's keep these going i don't really know we're about what about that seven percent right now and I just hope that are going to be able. To keep this up there we go we just destroyed these men and oh mr. grey guys trying to, take me out oh no oh no oh no no no I just destroyed that guy and, he was Fitz place in the leaderboard very sorry dude we're actually going to get over, ten percent right now I'm actually kind of happy about that we're at 9.8 to and we're just about to get over ten. Percent there we go guys first time in this video but we are nowhere near my high score because my high score is fifteen percent you. Have to get a heck of a lot more than that oh my, gosh this guy over here I'm scared I'm oh. No little guy little guy Oh No okay all right false alarm let's just destroyed a little cut that's so, that's so mean that does so mean that guy just spawned and then I just destroyed him out of nowhere that really sucks okay but at least I'm actually get no no yes, problem solves my friends if. A guy tries to go take some of your mess you got to let them know that you are not willing to give it away okay this mess is precious and we're at 14.4 33 cents I am actually, kind of happy about that and now we are at 15 points all. Six percent and we're about to get this little bit right here and 15.6 further among freaking guard right there and I think we're. About to get a high score here there we, go sixteen percent guys I'm pretty happy about that this other guy though is a little bit of a problem I don't like him I really don't, like him but let's get that little bit right there oh I'm first place are your number one I am freaking number one. And this is the first time doing this video that doesn't happen within a guard, over do I get number one I'm going to freaking agario video like once in a blue moon that never happens oh my god oh my god I thought. I was going to die just send that one has been really freaking bad now there are a. Lot of enemies right here this is. Bad this is very bad I don't like this at all i'm going to try. To take some of this up mess up here where there are less people and i can actually get more which is which is actually a good idea wow ok there, are a lot of people right here okay i see how would he have gained look at you little, gray man I think so oh my god guys oh my god this is actually really a lot better than I was expecting, to get in this video well I'm number one again let's recall on number two i am number two these pink men oh. No oh no oh no oh no no no oh no I just messed that up Wow okay mm. I can explain it didn't i'm going to call hat okay i'm going to just freakin call hacks that's, that's my excuse that guy was hacking great looks like a wonderful game what is this stupid. Game i'm just i'm shooting the French that's wonderful, now I'm shooting the British no white what what is the point of it no what is this freaking game it doesn't even give me a name that's ridiculous okay you're going to advertise, the game and you don't even give the name of the game is it fungal, I doubt it is that doesn't sound like the name of a freaking tank game I don't even know guys they just don't advertise, proper things hmm proper things on and on a game like this I saw an advertisement for, target and I'm like I don't think anybody who's playing this game is running out trying to actually I'm gonna gonna lose whoo okay we didn't lose yet. We did not lose anything guys and we, keep this up to that is the real question let's destroy some of these gray men he is going. To try to take some of my mess but I am NOT going to let them do all sorry little, green men all right this guy's shirt yeah you done now but you ain't even stand a. Chance against the great exotic game man I am the pink pink little square e saying that could I'm not even ask where I'm some weird shape I don't even know oh god yeah this guy's done for, it will good bike nice knowing you haha oh no, oh no oh no that was the number one guy i can actually i can eliminate the number one guy. Can we get the number one guy no we can't even get anybody, because I died and i only had four and a half percent right oh yeah i'm a new player can you stand me resources please send resources how about no that. Sounds like a terrible game and I never will ever play it especially for YouTube dear Lord never. Going to do that ever okay here we go let's actually try to get a decent score now in this one the last, one we were just playing guys we were just testing the testing the waters of this server. Seeing how the other people were playing and we understood that they were some. Pretty competitive people so now we're actually ready to take some more people out let's actually get this little square I that and there we go you know. This game vaguely reminds me of a game called qix i'm pretty sure a majority of you guys have never heard of that game before what, qix basically was was there was. A game back in the 80s where you have to it was a little bit more complicated in this. Because you only had a very basic controls and it's hard to explain why I'm going to lowes I'm going to lose yep so basically with that game just search it, up I'm going to be really bad at explaining it. You you stand on the edge you're on the edge there and then you try to, go across the map without these things that are in the middle randomly trying to destroy you and it's really weird concept but it was really fun I like the soundtrack to it a, lot I have it on my arcade at my, house wonderful score best score ever guys that is what you came here to see mi rice can I get a common thing. Yes heck yes exotic oh my god I was wonderful beautiful I. Cannot ask for better gameplay than that that was just perfect perfection honestly I have never seen such a thing like this in my entire life can we keep this up though. Guys can we actually get better than Khloe we did I'm literally right now twenty-six percent better than I was in the last match that, goes to show, how bad i like all right now I'm in a good spot no I'm gonna lose nevermind my friend I'm never going to lose what, why would you ever think such a thing that is ridiculous Wow look at all of, that mess board on a half percent I will take that any day let's get that little bit right there and we're gonna just cut right into this little. Green guy here hey sorry dude but I just destroyed you. Part of you not all of you know this guy yeah you're done you're done yeah the game n is now finished okay I'm just hoping you guys are enjoying this video. Let's get this paint guy and there we go pink guy is down and then we. Have the little light blue guy and then there's this green guy and then there's this other green guy trying to. Cut way into me wow okay all right let's go get this guy oh wow. That actually went really well huh I'll take that any day heck yeah okay so now we're at about seven percent 7.2 percent to the exact that I think we're, in a really good spot right now because, now we're in the corner and since the coroner we only have to really worry about this orange guy and it doesn't look, like he's really that big of a problem doesn't look like he's even trying trying to take me out now we can. Get this little cream ass right there and let's go get this little bit of mass right there I'm there we go guys I will take, that that is a must to remember that number right that can't we. Keep it over what we did in the last one I don't really neck I'm gonna go get this little bit right there and then there's this guy sorry dude. You're kidding me, right now you are kidding me I should have gotten that Matt I should have destroyed that guy I don't care about list right now I'm not going.

To go out and take a lift ride right after I do this video no I'm gonna, try to edit this okay no I'm done I'm done while out that was wonderful fantastic great score point one four percent guys oh my god this is making, me rage I'm sorry hey the nice thing is with, this game is it doesn't make you rage as much as a guardian whether that I have with those, games they're ridiculous now those games are pretty much dead including vs thought I oh that's why I don't really do videos on those games anymore but, armed with those games you would rage a lot and I mean a lot so it's nice having something that is pretty skill-based. Like this where you don't actually rage all that much sorry dude but your reigning supreme at the freaking top, of the leaderboard or whatever you were I don't really know if you were at the top have. Now expired and then let's go get this little blue guys mass. Right there and we're at sixth place now the nice thing is with this game also there are a lot less people is this number one guy oh wow number. One guy not anymore but the nice thing is there a, heck of a lot less people in the servers here and you don't have to worry about life literally going from four hundred percent to our for hundreds place great, fantastic just great I mean how did that guy even manage to do that I have no idea well you don't have to worry about going. From. For hundreds place to first place because it just doesn't really work like them there are only 6 8 10 12 people that was the worst sale I've ever done on video aust video I have never, had that happen before I really apologize for that that was really really pathetic here we go I think we have a, pretty clear shot right now at, actually getting a pretty good score hey we just destroy that guy heck yeah and then, there's this guy yeah sorry dude oh no oh no he just literally took so much of my math just then I do not like you at all stupid blue, man all right let's go actually take back, what is rightfully ours I'm sorry I'm really sorry I don't think we're going to get more than twenty percent a cooking game have I ever. Done a cooking game for YouTube nope so why I don't care this is literally. The biggest difference from a cooking game ever why would you advertise a game like this I don't understand honestly if I was a game developer, I would have a game similar to agario and advertise it on this game which is a game that's another dot IO, game it would make sense to advertise your game on a game similar to it you know what I'm saying all right, let's go get this stupid blue light blue guy this guy. Is the biggest nuisance right now and I do not like him and he's trying to destroy me and there's this pink guy and then yeah ha problem solved but can we keep this up. Alright let's go get some of this guy's mask hey little light blue man you are below seven percent now I'm going to. Make him freaking five percent ok nevermind nevermind I lied I'm so bad at this game oh, my god are you kidding me right now I actually thought I could do that I guess, is it just people can kill each, other at this nope he didn't even done I don't really know I'm just I'm just at a loss, of words right now with this game I just don't even know what the heck is going on that is the big problem with me when I'm playing a game, that I've never played before I just I don't even know what to say I honestly have just I'm completely I just don't know here we go let's, go get this guy wow he was one block away from his own mask and Tia he just he completely screwed, himself.

Over just then and then there's this purple guy nope sorry but you just died ok here we go two and a half percent we are ninth place right now eliminate the problem and. We're going to get eliminated because we were a problem too okay because people all knew that I was going. To get into the first place position you guys all knew that I knew that and, they had to pretty much take him down while I was young you know it's kind of like, that dilemma where its people always ask you which you kill baby Hitler and everybody's, like of course I would keep a terrible gun so you know it's just like that with this freaking game anyway let's go here we go guys let's actually try to take some more, people as there's this stupid. Little live liebe finally got rid of that guy I'm so happy that I destroyed that guy that is the greatest feeling in the world I swear that is. That's freaking amazing I love it okay here we go now there's two guys right here can we get both of them know we only got those of the, great guy but it's okay because we're going to get them a second time just kidding no we're not oh, my god I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to take. This game guys dear Lord it's ridiculous anyways um bharati, about 16 minutes of this game and I mean you'd probably get the gist of this game and I don't really feel like it's, necessary to play this game for 30 minutes or something ridiculous like that so I'm feeling like I'm probably going to. End this video relatively soon guys um I hope you like this, video for what it was we got twenty percent mass at a certain point unfortunately we didn't get that at the very end which would have been cool but we did get twenty percent. At some point in this video and hopefully you guys. Were happy about that so um yep if you guys were excited for this video and you guys did enjoy this then make sure to leave a like, it would be greatly appreciated it we keep this series. Going the random game common series I just said random game commentaries what the heck is that a random game commentary series. And makes it to comment down below any other games you'd like to see me do for YouTube I just died wow that. Was a dumb that's what some yes so I'm I'm excited for what lies ahead for future videos on the Rams and game commentary DJ, I keep saying common theory commentary series because there. Are a lots of potential games I can do videos on in the near future now if you do not follow me on twitter i highly recommend you guys to do so like i said, i put pulls out regularly asking you guys which games you want. To see and you can actually have some valuable input. On what i'm going to be doing for a future video so just the thoughts I'm not telling you guys to do so but you can if you want hands up yep so with that being said. Guys hopefully you guys did enjoy this video if you guys did make sure to.

Leave a like and make sure to comment down below anything at all. Make sure to subscribe if you are new to the channel if this is the first video you are watching heck I'll. Be freaking awesome that this is and yeah so um I really have, much else ending too safe so let's see how well we can do in this very last match here we're going to do one last match and whatever happens happens, I don't really know we're probably not going to get some fantastic score but we're going to take whatever is thrown at us okay. Oh No yes wow that's that was what was thrown at us so yeah hopefully you guys.

Enjoyed it thank you all for watching and I will see you. All in the next episode .