yo you’re gonna laugh back now boys begin that’s right he we’re bringing some savory oh I’m quite gonna be a bleeding kobo I’m not gonna play its duty free you climb I’m gonna plan Wow wait what’s. This I don’t, want to be in flooring gonna be a different guy well me and I give me a pig well sorry it goes all, your body honey somebody pick it off oh thank back I feel like in the grand scheme of things that’s a pretty good thing to you know spend, your money at night I’ll let me your drift over here let me back when you wait a bite no. Exact the big bucks by my hands doing what can I be hang yeah that guy get killed mommy recorded practicing would put back lunges a campaign.

Where. Again you would it’s not like slippery oh boy I feel like in the bear may really cuz it doesn’t wag of mine and I really like that because. It’s the only time any points blue video where you can’t kill unit yield and nothing is even around you. And then all of a sudden you know a giant snake appears out of. Nowhere new equipment who were you back down from before you can really even add that wife me already dead anyway so it doesn’t really nice oh wait well. Knows that would you let me do X course, you out of the bag now I’m doing okay now you’re gonna come after me okay cause you haven’t played this game before. Um it’s very fun hi I’m sure you watch so I just played before but basically you leave like these trails behind you sound like intron and, if you touch someone else is true die, you die just like that oh why but then if ya if they got you a trail then you die and you kept it real you killed that, so it’s all good y’all didn’t maybe night when I play that game language am with you need weird thanks.

Go today I hope you are doing well good yeah that guy all right look.

At this person over here language Jim you tryna ain’t ready get weed you’re going but now I’m gonna just get it speaking you take away some of these properties and then. What are you gonna do about you guys can I got pink bro I got cake we gonna.

Do back although he doesn’t really use of it, also there’s that would be really unfair actually you get to use voice because then you can just take out every house and I go for that oh yeah why do you mean why, don’t ever want to be alone right now the point five four percent will also put it goes wait there’s one of, you people there that’s coming up right behind yourself no no no no no you try sir trying to feel. My property when you do it like we didn’t get over here Oh me and we can just go down, here you think he’s gonna take all my, property field i’m gonna say eight hours but I got you Brady oh man will offer me why don’t you worry about that guy hahaha, all right we gotta get to the number one oh no we are, going yeah yeah take that route and come back here you’ll try to name buddy yes I can follow me enough oh I got that one too. Wow are we moving no it’s um look right there now that’s kind of what happens to you for, some time you just walk out Oh do bad for the dancing madman there’s my friend ass right we’re moving up we’re moving up. In the world guy we can be little apples around new. Job can be a grass on school never drink some of me here everything I coupon is mine keziah have. You yes yes dr. the lady boy but I am like them little apples and if you don’t do you I, think oh nice let’s drag in me but you all doing I’m gonna come on here living point, three five percent equity good looks pretty good I think I can do better though yeah ravaging radish it what would happen we both looking in each. Other’s hands at the same things of time take a dip you need you to get him together he’s hot. It’s a problem okay so down here yeah I lost you. I’ll get again when they need to pick it up you complete it nope yep yeah I’m here do you see there’s nothing more satisfying than when someone else is. Trying to you know grab up your property you man you know you just nail I’m in the divine it’s so, good it’s so good like I can’t even tell you how it feels.

Okay like sigh back where’d you get all football be over dad me be all for dad me but I still get away you see so much fun to ask you what your. Bag is my prepared doesn’t game did you find it if you have money now, would you hide for going to do is kiss ah I. Want to pin want to dance sea bass give so many movies are you doing another chance what is most likely the cake because I could go back boy. See you wait a boy mommy and Tramp on side I’m. Side did you have a nice trip anyway no still up yes what I got killed by someone named Lord with, patio it’s not a good day for a little way what comes I’ll give you, like at night yeah yeah yeah forgot you’re not simple oh wow it’s gross you got venom petunia does that say that’s why I sneeze you go now this site this looks like a good place to clean. With my own I see well fabulous I don’t even know what you’re trying to. Do that you guys are gonna kill me in my own color face that’s not how it works we don’t get it wrong listen times when. I get really angry and I’m like I want to get revenge and I’ll be. Like well I’m just gonna get you out when it goes running adam in. And never works out well you gotta be you have to strategize you like to thank mommy he was just hanging out he put himself back there and then remain here.

Zombie opening. He’s like yo what about that you know I don’t know why my way of talking about himself in the third person secondly that’s a little a doesn’t do that what am i, doing it to get that, okay just can’t you into south now because I feel really weird anyways yes thank you whatever piggyback monomer one yet number one numero uno. Maybe for half point don’t you okay here you have been ejected from the game oh you know quickly oh boy i’m at myself up in there for a second all right all right me, the wrenches go ahead now yes I’m, apples no no no take a like a pickle ow ok night good night good night mm my my caramel recipe big leap sweet my bag no man that’s okay that’s okay. Okay okay baby good next can get up all and I know what I’m Joey jackal 01 X why would, Jimmy coin expose it going hahahaha that’s good, I below now there’s only QB I dropped my back in the game can get my dress and I like it thank you oh crap I mean, thank you boss yet hahaha you bet, you’re gonna get me again I’m and walsim nobody got me now Wow can wreck a jack miss well keep them to give em a bad fast hahaha, while kidding me are making me a little angry no sighs joke site no time job look you just gonna leave. Yourself open and boink that’s for now oh wow p for any whose boy he didn’t say goodbye to you took it away oh no no boo boo now the. Nuggets offline man has a lot cough cough look, who’s been victorious his names are the nails and with apple give it as Lewis blabble representatives who said the bill, never that we ride with blac oh look at the latest I mean link, I like you know if I can get the coin bag you know I makeup on I found asbestos I’d like a word that you say whenever you get somebody in this game but, hey for where the reason I. Gravitate towards boy you know I keep someone yeah like what you guys let me know. I got it now Nana kiddo I can’t really get a ton of space because there’s so many people yeah man who is up there stealing all, my property bro bro this was all mine and you came over here so am I gonna get it, back thank you very much uh yeah what you doing over here buddy I’ll be taking that as well thank you very much I’ll give, this guy boy see my favorite guys yes little apple sauce hey I can’t, be with the man I was it but please no seriously I want to know how that happened, should I give him and then for some reason we can’t live and it kills me I must have done something wrong and not even realize it right you were doing. About this good ground this one’s gonna be the round I can feel it look like money can you feel it tip number seven, or eight yeah monse again how do I don’t is so funny I’m ready wats. Again Giga yet boy you know about what we’ll be doing in hahaha I’m me and I. Miss that one well forget it just leaving it’s fine we’ll come back to it later yeah that’s a problem sometimes you. Turn a little too early or a little too, late minion thing you’re stuck me again you’re dead I’ll night jack night jack oh I tricked him oh and I almost, forgot to paint boy oh yeah mp3 soybean meals point oh man okay you can watch me to go independent you tonight hey Alex I’m training I’m gonna be somebody resident I totally.

Provide by it’s gotta be here or something do, with mine excuse me know what’s happening you can’t have it oh hahaha me there was a good round you oh well well point to one percent I, think that’s how I for example fun what did I nice what mean okay um. Everybody well noble Apple armies you rock .