hey yo ed go back to you with another game of their yo that’s right we’re back with more pay for Rios if I didn’t have enough for, people trying to set my butt colors all day then we’re going to move on from our. Friend Fiona Coyne and we’re going to be an orange you can I did you think about the option I better take it right right right right it gives you it ok feeling. Our duty crap I can’t do all that I get a call mulligan on that one that’s definitely not how, you want to start.

Out paper yeah okay you can’t wear little booboo and like that color to color in fact I think it’s probably. Best if its entire plate I like that damn ok get damn buddy that mean you touch my butt colors so you have been infected by my, buck colors so we have to make time to you like that you’re gonna hear that break bag so. It break back and I was a hard for sac you. Tried to kill me let’s get your car stinky anyways my colors way better hey what you doing over there buddy try to steal my card you were trying said to my oath check out this, guy go get ya ha ha that’s what I’m talkin a man oh. Man so I guess you’re a day excuse me double hearing get out of here you can get about welcome oh oh yeah moving up number.

Six you feel so good this entire board needs to. Be orange that is definitely how it needs to go ok just next to me I know things I know fruity things you guys haha i miss my own haha that’s the word when you, make a big square and you expected to connect but. Then you don’t connecting could you drive wrong to put it I Gaby, bueno or get don’t have steering wheel laughter what are you doing well I’m gonna get my revenge oh I didn’t have to she got you up anyway let me cut your bud got, it know what I’m doing goober character what are you doing cougar like such an by colors now don’t do it don’t. Do it sir clearly enjoys real, that gang what are you saying gonna say I’m not sure what everybody makes a malfunction in. Or just the best collar you should let me go scholars and hope like dory I don’t know why you keep running into me yeah no I’m not necessary momentum lucky oh yeah necessary but. Man some old right oh dang hurt you sanger’s you good you’re killing the dougie yeah, oh and I could be so mean when. I want to be but you need to go to the paint store because that is a terrible car we need to get rid of. Those times I just need for a little bit orange here damn show nice lookin a lot better yeah. Gasps no excuse me that’s not where it goes hey what the fack Nick yogi what you think here look I’m gonna be more of your colors it’s already, gets up class forgot my own black dollars I can’t take it back now something wrong okay guys again. Nancy I’m gonna take this color gonna put it over here, you just leave it alone d buddy here we go now you let me go take get out here mustard, centaurs some pretty good named actually i see i told you that call exactly why did much better yes can I. See a number man on the leaderboard okay I made more colors but you could get away I don’t understand this. Is that my dad like my dad’s kiss you a little bit about it yeah we can yeah. Okay don’t be a little bit more though okay you’re not gonna mind are you you’re not gonna make this weird are, you right who hope nice dry JS Bach see how foxy you are the back didn’t anybody tell you that oranges are gathered well I’m gonna get so much got it. Don’t you guys just favorite color let me know I mean other than orange of, course is organs your favorite color and know that i can tell that about you and I don’t even under me you’re not even in, the room I can just so lirikh your mind that’s how I know I said I yet.

P you know what that stands for, oh my trick salamander pants but if you didn’t know that now you know now you can tell everyone you know what ESP, means and what’s that for excuse me I’m just looked at my car yeah I think you dragging like Jones you crazy, dance thank you very much they still good yeah that’s an electric salamander pants dig it yeah you look at number one on the beat of all this org ain’t no square. Denon and yes no rooster rooster what you doing however doesn’t yell is down yikes. Nice try y-yeah yeah that’s my favorite that’s my favorite word to use yikes look connected oh man not even saying like. You said to the borders picking up on all rain he’ll be a.

Guy because I got the skills i got those electric salamander feet you think you guys that drive see you later up there everything was coming up. Oranges ooh that’s pretty good i think that’s my.

Best mound yet I got over twenty percent of the board colored in Mycenae varied colors and your favorite color too so I guess the question should be what is your, second favorite color you stay classy, know where your actual favorite color is right yes don’t SPECT my butt colors and they’re just farming is not a good, do you think the values like me what if i kissed much color today and then i was like nothing i got going man I am, on a fruit roll-up on number six number seven quickly you might get more of my colors everywhere ah yes.

Thank you very much jump to number two on the leaderboard oh thank. You oh thank you oh thanks for the store and i’m selling i’ll counter straight it’ll be eight thousand payments of 2995 free she, lucky you i’m gonna cut on the leaderboard again no taking it back Jack’s on a hyper hyper, get academy tomorrow i turned to soon why would I do that I’m Oh broken up about it suppose new species okay I’m detainee we just do it, down there Gabriel dandelion it’s pretty good names you have actually what I’m not going to thank you mine and, I’m going at your yeah you feel so it is looking, real good hey midnight man what are you doing what you doing drive through my gosh you get my fax you can’t mean that’s what.

You always get give me get out of my class no right we’ve, seen on your parents and then line them know that you like sucking but color Riley teens you can buy catcher Mike cutter cutter throws out the done but coming back I gaga I’m. Gonna eat your Valley better yet daddy began to get me before look you, got a nice toy this game or high percentage let me know I need you know all right the five. Percent Andrea dude my name although we have someone over there called for it yes line which we do not agree with there is only. Enough room for one origin explain buddy. Oh so you just love you the wide open fire your captain you’re all mine haha excuse me excuse me those were my colors what are you doing, hey hey all your people get away your way using my colors keep doing that it’s crazy time where’s I mean look what else we pop with all. You people that’s gay that’s yeah yeah yeah yeah hey thank you join damn you’re good yeah the color, from another mother ya, later bank in town to get Miguel Miguel got your back why did you take it oh whatever haha I honor to get okay Luddite who’s got some coming for you I got your name. It’s awful mmm its butt er goodbye color cutter I know, I was not a baby now now now don’t put me in the middle caved in future I that the chair is gonna kill me I hate it what about badges would you write, down where it’s gonna kill you oh it’s this weakness then want incompleteness now and yan okay we got this, place to buy knowing if you’re looking a little melancholy you know haha alright, it’s time to get out there and, take miss ya orange that’s what I’m gonna do don’t get with me yeah yeah you try to stop me butch. Good and easy hey boy see you later picky game don’t tase me bro dan see what you doing in my colors yeah that’s the bathroom they’re just hanging out, you tell you like yo I’ll be taking that okay I’m feeling good. About this Ram feeling real good meeting that damn Oh age yeah I got the, pox a bonus don’t come at me with other color good that would be bogus bogus Boeing is gonna be good nobody comes yes little bit we get out you have two problems in. Fact I actually I sigh trendy soon and then and then I end up then, I’m gonna hate hugs Oh Mike hahaha hey what man yeah really but golly what am gonna be you never do on the native bought Nick ready then. Ready we’re going to view all.

This you look at my number one number one number one who are the number one for like a. Fraction of a second yes yeah number one again now yeah I’m battling against upper decker it’s a good good fight it’s real close oh yeah yeah back up and friends off now. Down second block that go what the heck is stinking act prevented the next, for now wow he took away he took away the color I was going to. Die she didn’t you mean what a bummer get out here hahaha mad not gonna guess I got, you excited you’re telling it’s okay it happens right we’re ready oh man well this has been a good episode. I got myself up to twenty percent that’s obsession you have to offer me a statewide Spitfire synchronize but color touching a casino once again thanks man spitfire, would win the gold medal every single time haha alright God well do you know I think you so much for watching I make sure if you, everything get me cuz most popular. Video on the internet doors are you still good the next time lady you’re hated oh my yeah you love it, yeah thought you loved it Oh .