Hey you two bounds we go in my name is Lonnie today we're playing some freaking patreon paper do that's what the doctor ordered is really rubbing me the wrong way today boy. 30 it's pretty into games kind of like, a guardian kind of like slithery oh and actually did a video on it already it didn't post it as a video was real bad i had a mustache, everything was all out of whack now now dude you guys get the freaking see me in my natural habitat of, being amazing access scheme look at me taking chumps down right off the bat if you've never played this don't do that because you'll kill yourself like i just, did house actually pretty stupid i was doing. Really good at this game a second ago and i just tried to refresh my my know how my knowledge and now I'm displaying the opposite i'm sucking real. Bad you want to make your square your, color as big as possible kind of like graffiti and tony hawk or you you can't let them touch your tail while you're out of your element your based because if they cut your tail then. You die if you touch.

Their tail dad I kind of weird kind of weird being used to that's why the first video wasn't that good because I was confused but I just killed that guy, he was confused I don't know what the diamonds do but I'm dad it doesn't matter and yes. There's also this freaking so I wanted. To get rid of the ad so I'm like I'm gonna buy and in-app purchase and I accidentally bought. The one dollar one which doesn't get rid of the edge dummy idiot dummy I was me verbally punishing myself, so I closed the game after I bought it and then it tried to get me to sign into itunes and I said no and, then it gave me the in-app purchase twice but then I'm like I still have ads. I want to get the second one right this isn't an advertisement for this game don't spend money i don't care i'm just telling you my story. Is kind of interesting and then i bought the next one the three dollar. One got fifty thousand coins close the game again and it gave me the 50,000 points twice it did the same thing like you can duplicate your in-app purchase sorry, game developers this is something you want to fix i don't know but you can get your, in-app purchase twice they worked both times for me and I, wasn't even trying to do i'm just saying kind of a cool little glitch thing if you want to get some extra coins, in this game also i don't even know what's a freaking coins before I literally just wanted to get rid of that I want to be a doughnut I'm not a doughnut what is this. Crap there you go you got to equip did of course. You do now I'm a donut man i'm a dog man. I'm dead get it why are these people so good i was doing so freaking good before i was so too proud of myself too quickly apparently and then there and no one touch me and then you're dead. And we got we died together else. Freaking romantic it was beautiful i'm pissed about it i'm why can't roll man dang it dude I'm being bullied this game is freaking full of bullies don't play there's, don't spend money on this and then get your glitchy in-app purchase twice even though that was very generous of you by, accident probably game what that's, the wall I can't customer came into this I'm like I'm gonna look so knowledgeable because I already played it and then I'm like nope I'm the worst holy hell. Look how big my base just got food we're in the corner. We're going to take over this corner purple guy you're never gonna slay me you're, never oh but I'm going to slay you bud I'm gonna slay you bud there we go and then this guy dang it I'll take a little bit back here. We go I don't know man I don't know what's a pro strategies are I'm just trying to kill a few I'm just trying to kill a few, other pink guy dang it dude Sox's getting in on my stuff. Get out of my stuff man Oh Matt dude I break it sucks excuse a lot of fun I. Like this one and there you go you're dead to town and then don't touch me maybe it's my skin maybe the donut was the wrong choice these are all, actually pretty cheap I could be Batman why would I not want to hurry i do but right now i'm the, darkness now on the night now I'm the Batman and I'm taking your, purple and I'm going over yonder and I'm taking this too and I'm killing you, and you're dead now to me to everyone and so are you and you're going to turn into diamonds what did it I don't even know what the Diamonds do but.

I'm. Gonna get them and then you're dead and I am on a killing spree oh my god you get points for killing. People or just for making your color tank wish all others I don't really know but I it, feels good to kill it feels good to kill it sure does oh no oh no they tricked Batman that's me that's me I, you can fit you can know my secret identity it's all good you ever try to speak English it's real difficult sometimes and I can vouch for me he died together that's, the only way I like to die to get these and, then I could die and I did I did I think I accomplished both of those things yep. What are the diamonds floor and why am i risking my balls for them right all right all right all right it's all good this guy's this card NFL you can't escape me. Can't escape, Batman crime doesn't pay me man your crime was being alive in my presence I came at you like oh okay like a guy who's coming action you know what I, mean these are right here they're in my house they belong to me I'm really into this freaking game, and I'm really into killing this guy right there right now and this one if I can make it I can't make it there faster he's coming back. For me whoo no no oh no get out of my house. I hate all of you where's Alfred he needs to friggin stand watch at the door there's so many intruders here so many intruders here there. We go and your dad killing everybody I guess, the diamonds are your reward for killing right don't know if they're a good one don't know if they're worth, what I'm doing and I missed all of those but it doesn't matter because now my house goes here now this is my house now and then we're good and this guy is not. And he's dead feels good, to be a mass murderer at my neighbors freaking knocked on my wall for me playing acoustic guitar it 640 p.m. not really sure how to respond to that honestly like do, I say I'm sorry because I'm not the point of me telling that story was that they're probably still listening to be talking hey. It feels good to be a mass. Murderer no knock on my wall again I'm focusing I'm gonna get on the leaderboard I don't know how I don't know why but I am gonna be a time, a time to be. Alive a time to be alive not gonna kill me you thought you were but you're not but I oh oh. I gotcha I gotcha dude you didn't even expect I didn't really even expect it to be on it we're never gonna get on the leaderboard. It's really hard to get on the leaderboard in this game I feel. Like what it's doable maybe Oh super bonus unlocked shore I guess I'll take it don't know what it is means cool though oh. My god he took my home he took my whole home and everything how do I even. Come back from that oh my god dude that guy's a legend a bad legend but I mean he's like Will. Smith in that move I mean that movie was fine i'm dead i'm fine i'm looking good today i don't know, i didn't even get that many coins because he liked eradicated all my i'm embarrassed i can't be Batman anymore i'm gonna be a burger, or this is the last one this is the last round it might not be the last round that ended so, dang quit definitely not the last round we're going in we're going in we're going hard, we're going fast that's the one that's the one right there give me you can lucy in the sky with these ones the diamond boys in my house is twice, as big now and my house has becca me see delish.

Delicious what is that what is that what is that thing that's the guy who killed me last, he did so good and I hate him for it not a fan of imported back I dead for it for it you're it tag for, it what are these stupid diamonds for gotta figure that out before this video is over I dude look at how good. They are they're so efficient at expanding their homes this guy gotta die not sure if that. Was even oh is that the guy who I freak did. I get my revenge cuz that feels good I didn't even notice because revenge is back you shouldn't get stoked on other. People's failures but I'm gonna do it anyway and I'm gonna get soaked all night I'm still happy so happy and I'm a bomb now is that was it no that's a bumblebee, why did I think that was a bomb what do I have going on in my, mind besides terrorism besides terrorism neighbor stopped listening distance help stop, trying to go to bed at 6pm it's weird lady killer do that's a freaking dope ajj song and also it's not that great of. A song it just makes me laugh here we go and there we go. Perfect and get out of my house i'm abby i will see you I swear to Christ I got profanity four days I don't care what your role in. The world is I'll frickin swear at you I got a potty mouth I got a sailor mouth are you, implying that sailors and toilets are one in the same I. Don't understand expressions I don't understand normal everyday vocabulary what is the word precipitation mean something about rain I'm the one who's been raining in your, mail okay there we I just killed so many and I don't even know I didn't even mean to but I am mean. To do it cuz murders me there you go your, dad bye dude it feels good to be a freaking daddy's girl I wanted to go to whole video without acknowledging my name but it just came out of me it just came, out of me like that guy he was in first I killed the guy in first he had the crown that's at that, ok we're learning and tuck your dead and pink guy you are dead if anyone crosses me you're going to have to.

Go gosh it feels good to be a gangster and your dad greatest, paprika paprika shaker there ever one why do we number three okay that's not bad there you go you're out of the game slowly expanding slowly expanding I, will take your pink and I will raise you to be my son you are the, worst son I've ever had you stole my house, stole my home you stole my blouse definitely stole any fun I was having there we go now I'm still I'm in the. Great time I'm number two can't stop me here we go that guy wants to not you have a freaking death wish don't you do is wanted to be taken. From this earth law give me your. Wish dude I would never deny a man his one true wish his Christmas wish and I'll take some of your blue and I'll. Move along just to make it through and I'll kill this guy and he kicked, he was too smart for me he was a little too smart for me dude freakin what the hell should i do one more I don't, want to be to have a be as my legacy I want to be the policeman I'm gonna. Spend all my freakin money in this video I don't even know that our coins valuable I got these by accident oh dude i have a cool policeman trail. I will arrest all of you I will arrest you if you break into my house, now I am the Poli I am the law and you're about to be touched by the long schlong of. Me I don't know what I'm talking about here we go get a lot of here. You're gonna die and you had such a big house dang dude must feel bad let's feel really bad unless you're not invested in this. Game at all which I mean good probably that guy got killed by a policeman and I don't know. Why I'm not in the one jail that, I actually enforced I'm a bad person ending lives is bad don't do it I stand for good morals I don't know what bangus gibberish Railly I'm actually getting really. Into this and just facing the hell out that good is that what a good game feels like been awhile since i put almost kill deck now. You're dead now you're dead you should have stayed out of my house you should, have stayed out of my home new intruder you guys not understand that I live here my children need a place to stay get out of frickin, just get out of here dude you guys are.

So annoying go away but they like spawn me right in the middle look at all these diamonds do you still have no, idea what they do still will continue to bring it up and not, actually do any research and my house just grew so much look at that look at it go look at it go my man look at a frigging green guy escaped my rat, kudos to you man kudos to you. And so now when you're dead I'm freaking first i'll bring it first hell yeah dude this is the only thing I've accomplished today I. Didn't even like eat food or anything like that this is it this is all I got and it feels pretty good I'm not even gonna like you and, it's going to.

Be short lived because I'm irresponsible I'm irresponsible and I killed a man there we go keeping my crown I am the law I am the law and you're free I God dang with you. It's all good I had fun hopefully you guys had fun with me the springing games really fun it's free.

To download if you want to check it out for yourself and let me know if, that glitch thing works for you because I don't know I thought that was. Weird and kind of cool hit the like button if you want to see more of this game, if you have a better game in mind you can leave it in the comments if you. Want to see my blogs they're real bad I think that's all the housekeeping i'll be doing today no actual cleaning only all stew action hello this action why do i have a, nokia phone on my desk got to go thanks for watching I got, to take this call .