Tips and Tricks

hey whats up guys its parks here today I’ll just be showcasing this game called paper I oh it’s a pretty popular game it’s on the app store if it’s pretty high up on the app store I really.

Recommend it super fun and I’m just going to show some like tips. And tricks of well not for beginners for anyone look when, they start this game so let’s get straight into it are the number one who got spawning the.

Best spawn in this game is probably the corner because in the corner as I show here the corner you can, just like build up around and you can just use the corner to advantage like you can just get these little gaps on the side make sure you like make it a little bit of. Space between you and the wall just in case up and I got first in this game see is there’s not really, anyone beside the corners and you just keep stacking up alright at number two we got spending money the best way.

To spend money or I think it’s, the only way to spend money is to buy avatars and what you should do at.

The beginning of the game is save all your money don’t spend it and pick an avatar before you save it and just save up for it and bite like, I got that unicorn right there it’s the most expensive character in the game so keep that mystery so keep the regular default one until well, you get enough to buy your one that you want alright then number three we have how to stay alive, best date the best way to stay alive in this game is to not go. For like the big chunks like always keep it small like in this video if I ever I fire go to the big ones it’s only, if there’s like barely any people around me and. Yeah that’s about all the tips I have for you guys, right now if I forgotten you can leave it in the comments and please like itself awesome gameplay of me a. Stayin alive for a while so make sure to watch till the end and peace you you you,.