Oh yes there we go we took out the number one guy and I say got this guy's whoa no no. No no no no what is up guys must Revere welcome back to a brand-new game this is paper dot IO to us another diode game but it's. An app I haven't actually found this online and from what I've seen from like the app images and the video that you get before you download the. Game this looks exactly like splits you know what this looks like a scam of splits but maybe it's a little bit, better because it doesn't really high quality like the actual video of it as well look really good so. Let's give it a go and see what it is let me know what, you think I've learned the comments section is it just a ripoff or splits or does it have something different let's find out, together so I literally played one game and you can jump on it and it is it's the same kind, of idea but instead for some reason it's, paper-based so I assume you're putting like layers of paper down there we go nice kill you look putting like layers of paper down or something we've been given pink paper and we need to go lay down,.

As much paper oh so close as we can I nearly got that purple guy but the thing is with this game is it seems like there's no lag, at all like literary there is no lag so either these are. The best servers ever or this is an offline game I can't quite tell yet so we'll drive find out in this video but let's do this we're getting out getting, actually quite quite big getting a lot of. Space all that was pretty risky off that was pretty risky as eating says oh there is oh yes there we. Go we took out the number one guy and I take all this guy's well no no no no no no oh so close but somehow I I didn't get that what I don't know why that didn't happen. I didn't actually get the I didn't get the mass don't. Go in yes that guy didn't go in on himself so I was able, to steal him okay so we're at the edge of the map and this is quite dangerous but this is quite good cuz we can kind of take, all of this space down here and just. Have it to ourselves so this is good let's keep on working up then on this and take oh hello hello to people skill oh no I wasn't able. To say that guy down what about this blue guy he's doing some. Really weird squiggles no a green guys just formed there and he's a Christmas tree there are some updates obviously or some like skins and stuff that you can get Oh try and see them oh, so close so, close to try to take this guy down there we go there we get what how did that not kill him how did that not kill him right, there I have no idea but somehow I survived this guy's actually, putting up a good fight he is putting up a good fight so let's um oh there we go there we go. Yes okay so we've been able to take him down as well we've got six kills so far, I can take that guy I might take this yellow guy I wasn't able to cut across there nice and ok this battle is on so little Granger we need to.

Find is the it's the other guy who's just above us let's get another kill there though I'm not sure of the kills count towards, your score or whatever I can't quite tell yet okay so this guy's eating into our territory over here but I can. Take him down and we are already top everybody we've got that little. Crown above it no I got killed oh my god. I can't believe that we got the ground we became first for literally a few minutes no sorry a few minutes a few seconds and then we got taken, down so you've got 1209 coins which I assume you can now buy stuff with so let's have a look oh maybe.

You could buy yeah okay so you could buy avatars for 10,000 20,000 oh my god these, are expensive so we need to get 5000 coins and then we can unlock something new xmas limited edition snowman throws it going to keep this game up, to date which is pretty damn, cool and then you've got a you've got this just loads of stuff to unlock on here this is crazy okay so let's play it again let's see if we can get.

Top and hold it, there so you can see what I mean I don't know if this game is online yet or offline I'm gonna say it's off wine because it. Just seems way too smooth and and everything but uh oh that was. Bad but I just I don't know it's too hard to tell but it's a really small map like the map is tiny. Whereas in spikes the map is absolutely huge um but how do we kill each other how. No way that was like not even close he wasn't even close i swear i took him down first okay Green is gonna dominate the map so still little Granger is top again so. I think this is him actually here on the left yeah, there he is there he is so we want to take this little Granger guy and there we go we've taken out the number one player whoa ok so now failures number, one who is just next to us down there actually so we can use that hopefully well, to take him down off the top spot in a minute what about this orange guy ok i might go for this orange guy, super bonus unlocked so we've got a super. Bonus not really sure what that does yet but there's another nice kill and we're gonna go seal that off. There and there we go another big kill are we getting point to this I don't know if we're getting points for all these kills I can't.

See any points for them but, I hope we are we're in fourth place there's a top guy in the top guys been taken down oh my god we are actually annihilating everybody at this game this is so good and there we go we are.

King of the hill, or wealth of the paper I guess we are the top player we own eleven percent of all of the paper or all, of the white paper i guess in the game which is which is pretty cool. It's cool that it tells you exactly how much of the paper you actually own so let's see if we get this up to like twenty percent I'd be pretty damn cool I want to steal some, of it away from what say something I let you just committed. Suicide and I have no idea how that just happened oh my, god six hundred coins own we're getting close to that five thousand mark how did that no don't wow this boarding the spawning. On this game is spawns you in literally and impossible location let's take that guy yeah let's get another kill double kill baby that's what I'm talking about ok here we go so it, also assumes you out a little bit when you start, to grow which is really good I get the yellow, gate now he just got home he just got home we were able to take that though let's take him now huh no, ah the Mad Hatter took me down the Mad Hatter took me down oh my god pink guy I'm sorry I'm sorry i spawned, Papa Smurf in such a bad place for you I can take this guy yes there we go there we go two deaths we've. Got two kills the happy jack over there that on the left is actually for so we do need to go take him down if we, can go take this guy no okay I swear there's only, like 10 people in this server as well it really doesn't seem to have that many players or maybe its just. Oh no I could I could have taken out the happy jack there I could have taken him out okay.

Where the black one now so we're like it we're a ninja we're. Not really we got killed straight away this games hard though they once you're getting the swing of it you start doing really well and as soon as you, die like that you just sometimes don't know why you're gonna die you, really don't but ok let's keep it going back to the black ninja skin let's do this there's. The White Swan let's go for the White Swan yeah there we go okay so we've got that kill my best. Score is sixteen percent that's pretty high there we go may there we get all know that red guy just came through our masts and took me down like by surprise we've. Got five thousand coins so, we're getting go into the shop and see if we can get a new skin may be at my or, new avatar sorry maybe the new avatar will help us up so for five thousand we can buy it a donor I think a piece of Kiwi a piece of watermelon. Loads of random stuff down here some sushi there as well I don't know what to think it's, really tough to decide to get the Christmas stuff because it's Christmas limited edition but.

We can't quite get that yet that's a little bit too much money and get like a ladybird that looks pretty cool is there anything else over here worth 5,000 that we can. Buy know so it's pretty much this first a little bit at the, beginning I think I've gotta pick a doughnut where's the doughnut out I've got to pick a doughnut the doughnut looks pretty damn cool so let's. Buy that for 5000, coins and use that oh wait do we have to select it now like okay we have to select it there all right here we go let's try the new donor so. This is gonna be donor game oh that looks so cool actually i'm pretty. Happy i pick the doughnut it's like pink frosting with little little white sprinkles it looks so cool okay it's that you make me hungry. Too let's see if we can get this domain. Up to top player so the top guy currently has 23 percent of the paper which is actually a massive massive.

Amount like i got 16 and i thought i was big and so we need to try and find this guy and take him. Down i'm not sure not sure where he is not sure where he is just yet but we're currently in sick just gonna try and. Work my way over here this must be shady yes oh this, is shady over here who's that who's pretty big he's currently second this guy here no he's top the top guy just got taken down so shady has. Taken first place so we can go in here and take out the top player if we're smart about it okay, we've got a super bonus as well unlocked which is great I'm, just gonna fill up this little gap here are shady no he came in and took some of our mass away cheeky they're very cheeky but ah boom there we, go take it out shady top player has been kill for some reason. It didn't recognize all my mass there that I just one but okay what there was no one even near me I just got taken down you serious okay let's do this. One more time one more time I don't know what it means by get an, extra life but that could be quite interesting I think maybe like if you die you just get to go again I'm gonna cut, in there nice i was a good bit good bit, of paper to get sounds really weird saying good bit of paper but that's that's what this game is 0 I knew that was gonna happen so there we are guys some donut. Gameplay as well as a new high school everything we think about this game down where the conversation I'm, not sure about it i think it's offline i'm probably not good played again i think i prefer. Flicks but it's pretty fun. To do especially if you're traveling stuff and you can play it offline it's really worth a try until next time though guys. Thank you so much for watching peace out I .