Play game play spring like this random black dialer know it this guy this guy thick. Skin which is a very strange name these two diet doesn’t even say skin it just says skm which is surprisingly similar to my. Name right now all right let’s just deal with these people let’s get him out of the way this is the long line, of orange I’ve let please please please please please no that’s still on my landline that’s just rude that’s disrespectful like okay where do I, want to go here where do. I want to go oh I don’t know I don’t know where to start here I really don’t let’s deal with this green guy the green guy if you. Will that’s a reference oh come on wow this adds got some really challenging game.

Please see that guy over there sapim always got Sabu or I’m a I’m gonna leave this ad now we’re gonna play some more paper do I owe nearly call, it draw the IO again I’m getting away with some really really big chunks of land here, like I’m just somehow not dying i’m being way way too what is the word i did this word, is completely escaped me the word fur you know just just being way too i said this won’t have forgotten this word i don’t even know I don’t. Even, know just just risking risking my life just going out going out on my way to be an idiot like I have forgotten a basic english word I don’t understand why all right you know what you know I’m, gonna forget about that that, sentence that trail of thought and we’re gonna focus on the fact that I’m now going to go for these really little shots and try to kill people, this guy this guy green scavenger you’re not particularly green don’t know if you’ve noticed but that that’s a straight-up lie right there, okay okay right seriously it’s really annoying me that I’ve forgotten this work but ok let’s just keep pushing. It with sixth place already somehow which just shows. That there aren’t really any massive chunks of lamb be sure i know i wish i’d been recording when i got that 50 57.8 four percent game because was, such a good game but anyway we’d have already been first once in this game so all i need to do, well in this video so all i need to do is not do absolutely horribly and hopefully make my way back up there. And then not die immediately, that will be great this guy this guy with the the black tiles it feels like you should be, doing better than he is but i can’t see him anywhere oh and i kill them there we go as a lot of open space in a let’s just fill that little bit up and, go for this guy burn who has a slightly fitting color here and he is dead yes i was pretty easy okay i’m. Gonna go for. A super super over-the-top little journey over here and just please don’t walk into me okay fine fine now i’m gonna go for the corner if i get that corner down then. We are set you just want the corners you’ve got the corner you’ve, got the win in my eyes as long as you’re not an idiot and we, have got the corner now now i just need to keep drawing and hopefully we’ll be able to do something a fan tastic with this okay this guy really. Wants me dead and this is green goes well black walnut saw you before please don’t be horrible oh dear this guy’s been an idiot actually looks worried about, it for a second then just did that what on earth were you doing black walnut please please stop okay. Okay where do we start here where do we start here so I’ve got the corner and fourth. Place but that is not enough for me it will not quench my thirst for over fifty seven point eight four percent of. The map Oh under got ice God Dahlia that was so close okay okay let’s kill ice now that my, co just casually oh my i just got rid of, a lot of land okay but I’m not gonna jump into that, space cuz it’s going to get me killed I’m just gonna I mean look at all the open space that’s, insane that is insane I don’t want to over extend over there that’s the word we’re not word, but you know phrase overextend well not really it means the thing I wanted to say and I couldn’t come up with a way of saying it overextend there we go opposite how did. I forget that oh dear this guy if this guys getting a lot of tiles here right black warm-up please please try get, rid of the Blackland ironically okay right where we going to go here where we’re going to go. What is the aim of, this journey yeah we’re doing pretty well here third place but it’s not first that’s so no I don’t think suck you’re dead now oh god oh god I. Nearly died then oh dear ha ok no ginger chaos remember you know no I’m.

Gonna kill you before you even get started you are gone people are spawning in that gap and I really need to. Get rid of it although now I know that you can spawn in someone else’s land have no idea, that was even a thing before i spawned earlier in that yellow guy’s area before immediately, dying afterwards but anyway we’ve got a lot of land here with third place but the guy who’s first has thirty percent of the map thankfully that guy is nowhere to be seen this. Nowhere near me so really I don’t need to worry about that guy like at all i, do have quite a hefty chunk of land here almost twenty percent now so you know this isn’t actually going to, badly at all okay this guy’s been super, aggressive and now he’s dead because you don’t do that right oh that’s the other corner yes this is looking good as long as what i have, a feeling that because i’m so far our way now my other corner has been overtaken oh I just missed that and I have to go for that but I’m, like super worried I’m gonna mess this. Up now climb it right I’m gonna have to time this one bit right yes God okay okay no no no no no no okay this, guy’s gonna take control of this corner if I’m not careful I need to be really careful here because I i I’m I other corners probably been taken now. Isn’t it which is not. Good but this guy son runner is taking all my stuff or have everything is going to take all. My stuff away leave him alone so gonna have to deal with this person before I go check my other corner not what are you doing oh that was awful it’s, not friday anymore one last game and you know just to to increase my chances of doing well I’m gonna change my name to uh. To uh de Sharon yes there we go help me right let’s go let’s go don’t. Want an extra life let’s go this, is gonna be the most amazing game ever i’m going to use my strategy that i mentioned earlier, just doing these really small little areas of land and i’ll just keep going with that and hopefully I’ll work with in the, interest of not making this the most ridiculously long video in all of existence I’m probably gonna wait till I get a higher percentage going as Sharon here and. Then I will join you again but you know you get the point I was going to be doing.

This for a bit and then let’s see if I, get up to fifteen percent and then I’ll keep going otherwise if this run fails I’ll start another run just a word the moment I get to a run that reaches fifteen percent that’s where you’re gonna. See me in a. Second and there’s the corner which will be very helpful no no no no yes I’m first ok it’s not fifteen percent but i am just inexplicably first with eleven percent because everyone’s, dying right now so that’s nice let’s kill that guy that was really close ok we’re fine i’ve got this corner on lockdown, which is as I said my favorite strategy in the entire world cuz it. Just works ok let’s go for sun bowl here there we go not. Bad at all now where do i go whether i saw that was a really tiny bit of land i got right there was still not up to fifteen percent and i. Am somehow. Still first I honestly couldn’t tell you how we just killed some random purple guy all right now gonna be a little bit aggressive here just go for this entire line yeah yes all, that you worked and this bit here oh this is a lot of overextending going on here, okay okay let’s stick to the small little movements Hicks I don’t want to die and we’ve made it to exactly fifteen percent and now above it. But that was very neat ok now let’s just keep going for these little movements here because it just, works no marshmallow. Marshmallow marshmallow whatever okay okay I get nervous every time I go near a wall I really do because it’s just into death which is nice. And I guess why no one ever tries to her to deal with you when you’re on the edge but it is also a risk for you as well I was a, massive chunk of, land I got right there it’s exotic is it the real exotic gaming probably an odd because he didn’t spell it with a cape what is this voice I don’t. Know okay this is the final run I want to make it count i want to, see how good of a run i can get us where I just died straight away going into. A wall or something okay we’ve got a massive chunk of land in nearly twenty percent it takes a really long time to get to the edge of it okay this purple guys. Got to go this pin whatever okay we. Could just casually kill chip Queen here and you’re called prometheus are you not aware that that’s a.

Terrible film it’s all that film like a few months ago it was it was very bad it really was as bad as everyone says it is and that pink I just got killed by someone, other than me Sharon strikes again even though. It wasn’t Sharon who did it okay this guy this guy’s a fool and we’re going to get this, land here and now let’s just push up not crash into the wall hopefully and this is going very very. Well right now what the heck like ice lands or separated it’s weird I don’t like it if it’s not one must. Have thinking I’m not first anymore I’ve been overtaken by this guy professor smirk so let’s slowly make our way over to this guy and kill him why, are right after we kill, a redneck geojo and take all of this land over here in a very aggressive fashion okay very nice we’re up to twenty two. Percent here not bad probably gonna lose a bit of it some from summer random people somewhere but anyway let’s just fill this in you’ve just been phill’d in and we. Killed the guy who’s first because like an idiot, you went over here and try to take a massive chunk of Milan let’s just go right up and take this land too okay this is, going very very well as a load of open space over here now never mind there’s bunch of. People there let’s just pretend they don’t exist sir please can you not just take all my land like that this guy there’s, a lot of people over here someone’s gotta die okay there we go we’re going to go for, a slint fubar that’s the plan anyway I’m just going to saw stick in my land Sharon himself we’re gonna stay here and see if we can sort, of just keep control of what I do have I don’t want to be very, aggressive right now because there are a lot of, people here and I don’t want to mess this up already in this amazing climactic final round there we go we killed that. Guy now I can go in and take up on to first land what an earth kind of a name is Daisy stick I don’t know but we’ve got twenty-five percent land here.

Can we make it up to my record probably not but I am just going to keep doing these are these, little, bits of room i’m going to make lil bits of space here because it does work okay because everyone just ignores you when you’re on the side and i will never understand why okay okay there’s, a lot of open space over here now look at the amount of people who. Just died oh I’ve got to fill this up I. Got to try and get to the other corner that’s my aim yeah with our it is okay okay here’s the plan here’s the plan run down. The side and we fill all of this in and then we are we going to kill classy dancer eventually don’t worry just going to get that. Corner down first and, now we’re going to go in on the offensive against classy dancer and they’re dead nice and we got to get. Miss fixing afterwards hopefully we’re gonna go for that person just miss the headline there but we are getting a big chunk of land there as well we’re up to thirty. One percent of the map is all ours which is not bad at. All if I do say so myself so now what you fool you fool yeah you’re gone you’re gone okay okay what, I want to do is I want to secure this off the edge part so I don’t have to risk it again so. Let’s not mess this up let’s just get all of this, there we go okay okay let’s keep going this might not be the most engaging thing ever because there aren’t that many people dealing with me but that is the, beauty of just sticking in the corner no one paid attention to you and I again, I don’t understand why oh that was really close ok ok we’re fine for. Fine still with ember rope that’s a big chunk of land II destroy because I just ignored him for some reason ok ok we’re gonna have to be really aggressive. Here to deal with this guy because I want this can I God dang it oh it’s died anyway oh don’t even have to, be aggressive because the thing is if you stick in the corner and just do. Your own thing everyone just deals with each other and you can just stick there just massively ahead of everyone else I don’t know why it works so, well but it really really does you are a fool that is, the person who was third place and all of that land is now just available for me to fill up so let’s do that and, let’s actually check up on this corner because you know I should probably do that considering it’s been so long and, look no one’s bothered to fill in half of the stuff still it’s still here it’s been ages since, I’ve been up here and just no one’s done anything about it they, just ignore it and I don’t understand why they just don’t I guess they’re kind of afraid because I’m first or something but I was all the way at the other end, of the map and no, one did anything which is inside the mum I leave this for like one second people are just drawing a bunch of. Space but as I before way back down here i am actually getting even more land in my own area rights right right right let’s just kill. That guy right there stupidly easily stupidly quickly we’re up to four % of the map is ours now this is insane i. Genuinely wasn’t expecting this run to go well. At all and it really is it really really is so now let’s go back up again because it feels like a good stress you right now it’s just sort of. Making my way up let’s try and go for this a pixie taze guy because they are up to third now I. Don’t know where.

Brothers who second but look at the amount of land this pixie taze guy has and this guy Reno monarch needs to be dealt with at some point let’s. Just there we go it’s dealt with right there he’s dead now just go for pixie.

Taste in fact hopefully pixie taste will get killed by someone else eventually but I am just gonna just, get the edge of pixie tasers land here it’s easy enough to just take all of that over well they’re not paying attention and then she’s going, to try and move away up I’m just assuming the gender of these people. Just that person is gonna go over there right and then and then they’re gonna die there we go oh yes as I said I didn’t deal with pixie and and, they’re dead and it wasn’t me and now I’ve got a bunch of room to fill could I make it up, to my record of 57.8 four percent. Maybe but he’s starting to understand now why I’m so addicted to this game it’s, because like I’m just good at it I don’t know why I just do really well at it like every other i/o game I’ve ever played I haven’t been that good bit, honestly but this game I just do really well with like really really well with as, you can clearly see this is going very very well for me right now let’s give a thumb candy you’re dead it’s sweets not candy okay we’re gonna fill that in. All this random guy over here’s been taking all my lower area down because I’ve been paying attention to, it God dang it. Please please you’re bringing my area down which will not be tolerated we’re gonna kill this guy right now you’re dead that wasn’t actually very difficult and now I. Can fill in all of this land over here there are a lot of people here, though so what I want to do is I want to stick really close to my land so I don’t get myself killed by overextending, okay okay we’re down to below fifty percent again because people are. Taking over all my land while I’m not paying attention to it but I am managing to kill some people so what I have to. Do what I’m going to have to do to take over more land this be super aggressive here it’s impossible, to keep track of it all but it is possible to get some big chunks get myself a bit of a boost to okay okay let’s go back up. Here but Sir that’s actually just fill in all this space here that nobody is bothering to fill like at all, what, I want to try and make sure to do is a make sure I can see my trail at all times because if you can’t see your trail you never know when someone. Could just walk up to you and steal all your land okay I’m gonna just ridiculously. Overextend right here look at that were up to fifty-five percent the amount of land i, just got now die slice is gonna die now haha oh i was so close i was so close to beating my record then but that was still a fantastic ground to end this, video off with if you haven’t already played it i would genuinely highly recommend paper to io like no, other i owe game have I wanted to recommend this much but I’m probably going to try to, refrain from playing this game as much as I do. Right now because Anita through YouTube and you know school that’s that’s kind of important but. Yeah that was a lot of fun to record hopefully that is encouraged some of you to give the game a go.

Or at least hopefully you have enjoyed this video and heard you guys in another video soon .