Insane Glitches To Get 100

Hey YouTube it’s bodycon and today I’m here point of weird gain I’ve never played before call paper I oh and i’m going to be showing you guys 02 really cool unique whatcha say you’ve. Probably never seen me Morgan the first one like these are.

Hacks like you could guarantee to blend listed why don’t you pretend your first go I scanty the first one that zoo me go so look it slowly definitely you have to. You don’t have to get any chrome extensions. You don’t have to like hack your computer and then get the government on you like you just literally use ctrl + minus Keith and then zooms out you could also do it.

On the top of your chrome by clicking a little hamburger and, that clicking out well awesome minds about its next week soon so it’s literally fast simple and it lets, you see the entire map of yours and I didn’t happen us so what you do the entire map so. You’re always aware of what’s happening learn like that nothing bad ever happens to you could really. Win this game so next glitch is an ask a quick okay so like, you know how when you’re not touching the key then you just move in one direction you can stop right of course, you know if you ever played this game at least so those are actually glitches that lets you stop moving it’s they still in your own face like they could be safe and don’t like, you might see some players doing I. Know I come on I know I’m always seeing players dude it it’s so weird they just have a huge blob and they’re, just spinning in your face FK and because they have no trail and they’re inside the base a can’t die so you can’t kill him you go take all the tears come on. You could take all the territory easily but it’s not going.

To matter if you can’t kill her well in order to be AFK glitch with your boss doesn’t want to do is be on Chrome I’m off to. Work anywhere. Else and then secondly while you’re in town your basic squat taps look this loft happen so you see I swap over to my YouTube don’t want. Anything here ok so now I’m going to search that oh ok I mean try again I’m going to switch. Over to this one so let’s see guys I promise to god this work if it work from you all right so look oh let’s see I’m gonna top yeah you, thought I work look so right now I’m sitting here for like about five seconds I haven’t done anything yeah. I. Was in exacting spot so that’s our work all you have to do is just switch time for like let’s say you’re really big renown and your mom calls. You dr. but how do you have to eat so you, could just switch tabs or you’ll be AFK they can’t kill you little you’re good ok so now since I chose you both of those lunches that well both of them get on, combined you’ll guarantee you want and just even a person by security so not I do know those cool glitches and our noon show. You guys me using them both to get your, office oh alright guys I’m sorry I’m really bad if T but I’ve done it, for a heritable screencap of me game 104 so I’m sorry guys that I couldn’t get myself because I’m pretty bad but I’m pretty.

Sure some of you talented people out there with this huge field of view and it’s Thomas asked a mole you, can go in I’m sure you can get to once it’s done easily and they do to do and. Make sure like post that picture on some website Lisa link in the description and i’ll check it out.

On our song cool dude all right so like your adult video picture like this lag because it’s vital common and all that good stuff .